Maximize Your Insurance Policy With These Tips

Lots of people in Oakville, Missouri start out each New Year with a variety of important changes or plans to make “this year” better than the last. Some plans might involve better diets, lifestyle changes, read more, exercise more, journal more, spend more time with our family, and increased focus on how to be more fiscally responsible.

It’s hard to argue with being more responsible with where you spend your precious dollars. Insurance costs to protect our motor vehicles can be a large expenditure for many people.  It is a good idea to complete an annual review where and how these controllable dollars are spent.

Car Craft Oakville in Oakville, Missouri, also serving people of Mehlville, Arnold, and Lemay, Missouri, offers a couple of tips to help make sure your auto insurance premium dollars are spent in the very best manner possible.

1.   When you have a clean driving record with no incidents and no violations in the last three years you might qualify for a significant “safe driver” discount. If you don’t see a discount of this type on the declarations page that comes with your renewal, ask your agent or insurance provider.

2.   If you've moved, taken a new job or married or divorced in the past year, it may impact your car insurance.  Make sure you update your policies appropriately.

3.   When you have good or very good credit you might qualify for additional discounts.  Talk to your agent or insurance provider.

auto body st louis car craft car repair center metro east missouri collision repair4.   Assuming you have young drivers on your policy who are good students, usually a B average or higher, you may qualify for additional discounts.  There are also discounts available for taking part in safe driving programs. Talk with our agent or insurance provider for availability.

5.   Changing the amount of your collision and/or comprehensive deductibles may also be a choice to control your premium costs. Picking out a higher deductible for either coverage will lower your premium. But it’s necessary to understand this move will increase your financial exposure should a major accident occur.

6.   If your current automobiles have advanced accident avoidance systems you may qualify for additional discounts.

7.   If you have vehicle(s) whose combination of age, miles and current physical condition has deteriorated to a point of lower value it could be time to consider self-insuring your vehicles. This means removing collision and comprehensive coverage. This action calls for careful consideration and should definitely include consultation with your agent or insurance company.

8.   If you've got your auto and homeowner policies with the same insurance company you most likely be eligible for an additional type of discount. Talk to your agent or insurance provider.

9.   Certain insurance companies are offering installed driving performance monitors that offer you a discount on your insurance for safe driving.  Confer with your insurance agent on availability.

10.   One final tip to each insurance consumer would be to ensure that you have a “what if I have an accident" kit inside your glove box. This pack should contain a pencil, a pad of paper to write down accident details and witness contact info, your agent’s contact information, your current insurance card, a disposable camera, and emergency contact information with names and numbers of people identified as the people to call in case you’re injured.

Car Craft Oakville hopes to make certain that people traveling in Oakville, Mehlville, Arnold, and Lemay, MO are ready for the road in each and every way possible. If you live in Oakville, MO or the surrounding area and want to have your questions regarding auto body repair answered, call Car Craft Oakville at 314-939-1200.