Understanding Collision Repair From Head To Tow

There's nothing worse than having a car accident around Oakville, Mehlville, Arnold, or Lemay, Missouri and having to get your vehicle towed away, unless your automobile is delivered to an auto body shop you didn’t choose and held hostage until you pay up.

The trouble has been in existence for years, but is becoming worse, because of trucking and towing industry deregulation which permits private drivers plenty of leniency in picking up cars and taking them to the highest bidder.

How could you avoid getting cheated when you get a tow? There are numerous rights you've got as a consumer, and some smart things you should know to prevent a towing operator from taking advantage of you.

Car Craft Oakville suggests the following:

oakville towing collision repair center st louis missouri auto body mo1.    Stick with your car until the tow truck arrives if at all possible.

2.    Get the towing company’s name, address, telephone number, driver’s name, tow truck operator license number, and license tag number from the truck.

3.    Ask where the vehicle is going to be brought, the address, on-site contact person, and pickup guidelines.

4.    Request an estimate on the price of the tow and any extra charges – in writing and signed by the driver.

5.    Bear in mind that you have the right to have your car towed anywhere you want.  That is why it is vital that you have an accident plan set up ahead of time that details your selected collision repair center.

6.    Remember the fact that once your vehicle is delivered to a storage facility or unapproved auto body shop, you're going to be responsible for daily storage fees, pressed to use their repair facility, and will owe delivery fees if you tow it to your selected shop.

7. Make a spare set of your title, registration, and insurance papers from your glove box so you can take them with you if your motor vehicle is towed.

8.    Get rid of all the electronics, sports equipment, office materials, and personal items from the automobile before it is towed.

9.    Double check how your vehicle is hooked up for towing.  Usually, if it is a rear-wheel drive vehicle, these should be above the ground to avoid harming the transmission.  For a front-wheel drive automobile, the front tires ought to be off the ground.

10.    Call your insurance company immediately to let them know where the car is being towed. They can't mandate where you have your vehicle towed or fixed, but might have some guidance on high quality collision repair shops if you don’t currently have one chosen.

If you have your vehicle brought to Car Craft Auto Body in Oakville, Missouri, you can trust that we'll do the work needed, on time and on budget, all backed by a lifetime warranty. You don't ever want to be at the mercy of a tow truck operator who is not working with a reputable auto body shop.